Code of Conduct

Parents and swimmers will be required to review and sign the following Code of Conduct each year, when they register for competitive programs (Junior, Intermediate and Senior).

The goal of the Carleton Place Water Dragons swim club is to promote, foster, and teach the sport of swimming and to provide the opportunity for our members to achieve the highest level of performance based on their inherent abilities. In addition, our goal is to encourage personal growth, friendship and sportsmanlike behaviour.

This Code of Conduct is intended to allow all swimmers to achieve their highest potential and to ensure an enjoyable, safe and secure experience. It applies to all Water Dragon swimmers and parents at practices, team functions and swim meets, including travel, hotel stays and billeting. Swimmers and their parents are required to sign the Code of Conduct at registration to demonstrate their understanding of the document and their commitment to adhere to it. Coaches abide by the Canadian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association (CSCTA) Code of Professional Conduct. A copy is available on-line at

Swimmers and parents will:

  • Act in a sportsmanlike manner and treat fellow athletes, coaches, officials, pool staff and members of the public with courtesy and respect.
  • Treat team members with care and respect.
  • Be inclusive, supportive and encouraging.
  • Show good manners.
  • Respect others’ personal belongings.
  • Express their ideas and opinions respectfully.
  • Refrain from engaging or listening to criticism about others.
  • In addition:
  • Swimmers are expected to abstain from drinking or carrying alcoholic beverages, will not smoke and will not use drugs other than those prescribed by a physician.
  • Parents are responsible for their child’s actions and welfare while the child is attending meets.
  • Courteous and quiet behaviour is expected during hotel stays. Rooms should be kept tidy and left in the same condition as they were when you arrived. Hotel room doors are to be left open when there is no adult supervision.
  • The Head Coach will set curfews for out of town meets. Curfews are to be respected in order to allow teammates to rest and sleep undisturbed.

Any violation of the code of conduct should be brought to the attention of the Head Coach or the club president

The Swim Ontario code of conduct can be found at the following link:


Code of Conduct and Ethics

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