Safe Use of the Carleton Place Pool

While using the Carleton Place Aquatic Centre and change rooms, swimmers and parents must adhere to the rules and health regulations posted in the facilities:

a) No food or drink is allowed in the change rooms. You may use the lobby for this purpose.

b) Please remember that the lobby is a public space. Please keep noise levels down, discard your garbage and recyclables accordingly and show respect to others who use the pool.

c) Leave the change room and lobby areas clean and in the same condition as you have found them.

d) Show respect to the pool staff.

e) Swimmers are required to enter and leave the pool deck through the change rooms and are not to access the pool deck from the lobby.

f) For safety reasons, swimmers must NOT enter the pool area or the change room until the coach is on deck.

g) Do not enter the pool until a coach has given permission.

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