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Friendly faces, new positions!

Please join us in wishing these three ladies great success in their new positions:

Mrs. Pat Akers, Registrar
All completed registration packages can be delivered to                                       Pat c/o the Carleton Place Aquatic Centre                                                                   359 Bridge Street, Carleton Place, ON
Ms. Monica-Lynn Terpstra, Director and Asst Registrar
Ms. Christine Prince, Asst Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator

Dragon Bytes Edition 10 Season 2013/2014


November 17th at Carleton Place Pool. We need volunteers to make this event a success! Please volunteer your time to help out!!

We require Volunteers to help out with the following positions;

  • 50/50 sales
  • Selling Heat Sheets
  • Bake Sale Table
  • Donating Bake sale items
  • Donating snack type food for officials/ coaches at event

Please  email

  • Set up Saturday Evening
  • Take down Sunday after event
  • Marshalling  the swimmers
  • If you are interested in officiating please go to

Please contact Terry Rathwell our meet manager at

Cornwall Meet

November 29th and 30th in Cornwall.

Meet package is on the meet packages pages. Deadline for entries is November 13th


Good Bye to Coach Dave

Hi Everyone

I am planning on making a ‘scrapbook’ for Dave which will consist of pictures/notes

from the swimmers and any parents who would like to contribute.  I would like to share this idea with the swimmers next week prior to practice.

My background and experience as a teacher and a counselor in the school system taught me the importance of allowing kids to work through their feelings in productive ways so that they can channel their energy in a positive direction.

I am willing to take a picture of any swimmer and have them developed and then the kids can write a note or message to Dave under their picture.  Some kids might choose to bring a picture from home – it is up to them.   Any swimmer who would like to take a page home to work on is welcome to do so or they can write a message after practice at the pool once I have the pictures developed (this keeps the process simple and organized ).   My goal is to complete the book by the end of November.

I am hoping this project will give the kids an opportunity to say good-bye to Dave and send any message they want to him.  It also recognizes the role Dave played in the CPWD for many years and thanks him for his positive contributions regardless of how things ended.

Also, I am hoping this will create a positive energy for the kids by validating their feelings as we recognize their loss –  allowing them to express it in a healthy manner.  I believe this will help encourage the swimmers to thank Dave and express their appreciation.   Further, I believe it provides an opportunity for them to have a sense of closure and move forward focusing their energy on swimming and the positive aspects of the club.  I believe we can help the kids recognize all the people who are working so hard to make the club a success so that they have a positive experience both in and out of the pool.

Thank-you for supporting this project.  Please share the idea with your children so that they are informed prior to me meeting with them next week.


Kindest regards,

Tracy Mills


Pool Deck Classroom

The pool deck classroom/board room is not available for use to the CPWD membership. It is only available to the CPWD Executive. If you are a volunteer and need to chair a meeting a request to book the room must be sent to the club President.


Christmas Swim Clinic

We are looking into offering a week of Competitive swimming from December 29th – January 3rd at 2pm – 4pm for Bronze, Silver and Gold swimmers. Cost would be $8.00 per session. Daily sessions would be 2 hours in length. We would need a minimum number to run the clinic. Please contact Amanda Etherington if interested at

Executive Vacancy

There will be a vacancy on the Executive. Anyone interested in being on the Executive should attend Wednesday’s meeting.

Executive Meeting

** Time change 6:00pm on November 13th in the class room off the pool deck.